We at ENR Business Enterprise cc have a sustainability vision to become a more green, energy and waste efficient organization through business, community and environmental sustainable practices by 2030.

We are working towards building a sustainability plan that will drive greater impact for our business.

We understand that sustainable principles and values will help shape a better future for ENR Business Enterprise cc  and South Africa as a country in which we live in and do business. By adopting more sustainable practices we aim to create awareness to our employees and customers on the importance of mindfully using resources to uplift business, people and communities.

When we work together, we can drive more change and impact

As the expectations on corporate responsibility increase, we recognize the need to become more sustainable in our business activities.

As Changemakers in the HP Amplify Impact program, we have been working on our sustainability plan in which we set goals for various initiatives to improve our sustainability strategy and focus.

We are making great progress towards our goals and our employees and sales force are now more empowered on sustainability through comprehensive trainings we undertook as part of building a stronger sustainability focus for our organization.
We are committing to making greater impact for the planet, for our employees and for the communities in which we serve and do business