Software & Computer Supply

Our wide range of personal computers are well equiped providing you with the latest technology.

IT Support Services

We have highly qualified IT Technicians to make sure that our client's services are satisfied.


Years of practical experience

Guidence from our expert team

We know our story, let us help you thrive in this technological change.

2019 HP Preferred Silver Partner

We offer customers with technology beyond wisdom

The institute Accreditations: 2019 HP Preferred Silver Partner

  • 3M Volition( SQM) installer
  • NEC Certified Professional Partner in NEC Displays
  • CIDB Grading: 1 GB PE

The institute has developed other areas of expertise in terms of trading ranging from Skills Training and Development, Goods & Commuter Transportation, Building Construction to Marketing & Promotions.
This business is entirely owned and managed by Mrs. Emily Rammusa.


This corporation shall commit itself to
providing steadfast and consumer focused services.


The vision of this corporation is to be
the principal service provider in its
area of proficiency in the World.

Certifieda Information Technology Company


Employee Training


Expand into new Markets


Scholar Transport Services


Growing with our Clients


Focus on Innovation


Create Valued Partnerships



Our Corporate Values

Aftersales Support

Provision of after-sales support to

Fast Services

Providing steadfast
products and services
at all times.


Being honest to both
suppliers and

Customer Care

Treating all clients
uniformly and
with value.

Quality over quantity

Ensuring that our clients
derive maximum
contentment out of our
products and services.

Aftersales Support

Provision of after-sales support to

we care about the society

Corporate Social Responsibility & Governance

Corporate Governance

As an institute we subscribe to a corporate governance program which is compliant with the internationally acclaimed standards, incorporating transparency, full disclosure and anticorruption ethos of doing busine

Social Responsibility

We consider corporate social responsibility as one of the most vital pillars of our business and we have put in place a program designed for assisting less privileged members of our society through diverse participatory actions in the education and health sectors.

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