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ENR business Enterprise cc is an entity whose temperament of business
is to service and supply computer hardware, network, and infrastructure, software, media, and office consumables, books, office and school furniture to a wide range of customers The closed corporation has been
in operation since November 2003.
Since its inception, the closed corporation has been transforming itself
into a market leader in provisions of providing ICT solutions to both the
corporate world and the general public. In recognition of the
corporation’s successes achieved over the past sixteen years (16).

We currently hold FY19 Preferred Partner status with an international OEM Hewlett Packard in which members enjoy various benefits in terms of, technological and skills transfer; support services; improved services delivery; improved procurement terms, and being a member of an extensive network of friends and family of Hewlett- Packard.

Products & Services

The company has contracts with SITA (State Information Technology
Agency). We currently service the Supply of library books and material: SAC155/2012 with the Department of Sports, Arts, and Culture.

Service Ranges

Hardware Supply & Maintenance


Computer Network & Cabling


Skills Training and Development


Goods & Commuter Transportation


Scholar Transport Services


Building Construction & Maintenance


Marketing & Promotions


Corporate Values








Customer Satisfaction

Quality Products




Corporate Goals

As an enterprise to enable the corporation to accomplish its vision and mission, the following goals must be achieved:

Cash Flow

Ensuring that the company is always in a well-built cash flow position to be able to complete work assignments on time.

Transparency with customers

Ensuring that all services and products provided meet the needs of the consumers.

Service Delivery

To ensure that our employees are well trained and empowered with tools which they would use to provide proficient service delivery

Worldwide Recognition

To expand into new geographical markets, especially in other provinces and the neighboring countries.


Bringing the most excellent and latest technology that can work best for our consumers.


To be a model of excellence within the ICT industry in the whole country.

Save cargo Delivery

To ensure that all our commuters enjoy well safe journeys and to transport /deliver cargo on first-class and acceptable conditions.

Safe Scholar Travels

Providing safe and reliable Scholar Transport Services.

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